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Fresh Vintage talks to Jono Dorset aka ReggieD about his Air Max collection and music

Posted on April 08 2020

Jono Dorset, also known as DJ Reggie D is an international Hiphop DJ and Base FM radio host originating from The North Shore, Auckland - New Zealand. 
Reggie now resides in Sydney pursuing and perfecting his craft as a world class sound designer, tailoring high end stereos, theaters and automation systems in some of Sydney's finest properties. 
He also has a particularly comprehensive collection of Nike Air Max. We at Fresh Vintage were keen to know more about it. 
Why was it Nike and in particular the Air Max style that appealed to you originally?
For as long as I can remember I have been in to shoes. Reebok Classics as a boy, LA Gears, Pumps, Airwalks - I've had many a pair.  I vividly remember asking my Nana to pick me up some Agassi Tech Challenge's from Honolulu in '94. I'd seen them in the mail order catalogue and was in love with the Black and Purple colour way.
 She went equipped with a very accurate cardboard cutout of my foot, but alas came back with the aforementioned LA Gears. To be fair, they were Akeem Olajuwon's which are a dope pair in their own right. That would have to be one of my first moments that led me to be the sneakerhead I am today.

 I guess it was the design and quality that attracted me to Nike. They had the Air Sole of course and were a little more tech than the other brands. Even back then, they were generally considered the best. The colours and design were always at the forefront for their time.
I was never big into High Tops and loved the generic, simple style of the Air Max.  When it comes to Air Max, specifically One's. I like them cause they're simple. Just a simple, well made sneaker. Yes your wearing sneakers, but they're a classic and they can compliment most get ups.
What was the first pair of Air Max you ever bought?  
Hmmm that's a toughie. It actually wasn't until quite late that I began collecting Air Max. It kind all started when a friend at work had a new pair of shoes that didn't fit him. They were Lebron 2 Lows, '04 - I scooped em up. Wearing them reminded me just how comfy the air sole and good sneakers were. I was hooked from then, so around '04.

 I've spent a shitload of time trawling outlets and ebay, ever since. In fact I did 7 Outlet Malls across The States at one point. I came back with 18 pairs! My bad. 
I remember having BW OG's at one point early on. But can't really remember the first pair of Air Max I would have purchased. Instead, I'll show you my latest pick up. I'm kinda excited about them. I have a lot of Woman's kicks, I find the colour ways more appealing. 
2012 Air Max 1 Leopard WMNS
2013 Air Max 1 Essential - Pigeon WMNS
Do you have a favourite pair or pairs? What is it about them that you love? 
Yeah I have a do have a favourite pair. They are so well worn now.  I explored Brooklyn, Harlem & Manhattan in them,  snow, salt and puddles a plenty, they've been through the works! I'll always remember them for that. They still scrub up, the quality of this pair is fantastic. Again, these are womans. 
2013 Air Max 1 VT Black & Sail 'Tuxedos' 
As far as favourites I wear right now, I gotta say my 2017 'Pink Suede' One's  
Is there are coveted pair of Nike's that you would love in your collection?  
Of course I'd love some pattas or clots, I also really love the patch series. I'm reasonably frugle with what I will spend on a pair of shoes so some are just out of reach. That being said, there is one pair I am always on the hunt for.
2012 Air Max 1 'Mint Julep & Liquid Lime'
Do you have any other gems from other lines in your collection other than Air Max? 
Yeah, I do like Gel Lyte iii and have acquired a few nice pairs. I also have a pair of custom Louis Vuitton custom 4's "Red October" - my only pair of Jordans. I actually wanna sell them...maybe we'll chuck em up on Fresh Vintage Chicco. :)
Is there any correlation between your love of Hip Hop music and your love of sneakers or fashion in general? 
Hip Hop is my love. It most certainly guides me through life in many ways. When I'm not in a pressed shirt and trousers - I love to be reppin my steez. 
I used to rock Air Max for casual, Wallabies for dress...haha yeah, the culture sure did steer my style in many ways. I think it also closely correlates to my age. I was 14 in '94, formative years in my life and a formative time in Hip Hop. 
I still trawl ebay for a nice Avirex or Pelle. Reminiscing back to the scene in 'Belly' where Nas is sitting in his Range wearing that bright red, Ecko letterman jacket. Stuck in that Golden Era I guess. 
Much like my love for collecting kicks, my most favourite thing is digging for music, mainly Hip Hop but I also buy demo albums for selling them speakers... vinyl, CD's.... I have a few! 
One thing that has been forever present in Hip Hop is the loud and flamboyant style. Some of my favourite kicks ever, were baby blue suede FuBu trainers. Nice with that striped Polo... Fu Bar days (Auckland). I also had killer ès Eric Koston K3's in tan suede... I'd buy either pair again in an instant. 
Speaking of music  - is there a particular track you are feeling right now that you can recommend to our Fresh Vintage readers?  
I would always have a few. When it comes to this year. I gotta say that Rapsody has really delivered. She is undoubtedly one of the best to grace the mic. Production from 9th Wonder, Khrysis and Nottz, with features from Kendrick, Busta, Anderson Paak her debut album "Laila's Wisdom" has been a stand out for me.  
I'm a huge Sean Price fan.. RiP!
 I love his verse on Wu Tang's new album. 'Pearl Harbor' bread & butta certified hot joint
Terrace Martins presents the  Pollyseeds - Sounds of Crenshaw 'Intentions'
Oh and if you still ain't heard "The Story of OJ" you gotta watch the amazing video. Kids will study that shit one day.