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Meet the man behind Fresh Vintage

Posted on April 08 2020

Benn Sheppard, 40 is originally from Hackney, London and moved to New Zealand after marrying his Taranaki wife 10 years ago. Now living in Auckland, Benn started the online store 4 years ago after seeing the lack of originality of mens clothing on the high street 
What was the inspiration for creating Fresh Vintage?

“I am a long time lover of fashion and was inspired to create Fresh Vintage because of my passion for original and individual style, and the aspect of sustainability in sourcing pre loved clothing. 
“I have always found mainstream brands and chain store clothing to be both limiting in terms of creating your own style, and lacking in quality and imagination. Sourcing vintage clothing gives both me and my buyers the opportunity to stand out from the crowd, wearing clothes that are often hard to find and one off pieces here in New Zealand”
What sort of fashion does Fresh Vintage focus on? 
"Fresh Vintage focuses on clothing and accessories from the golden era of fashion - the late 80’s 90s and early 00s
I feel that this period was filled with colour and contemporary design for both streetwear and high fashion. 
This is illustrated in the longevity of many of the styles and brands i sell being as popular today as they were then”
What are some of your favourite brands and styles when it comes to choosing for yourself? 
First and foremost I am a massive Lo head - wearing vintage Ralph Lauren - Polo on a daily basis! 
I also have a big Starter collection, along with Moschino and Versace.
I also love anything quirky and different that is eye catching and unique.
I also enjoy collecting caps and sneakers, 90s toys and games”
What’s one of your most treasured items that you have found while sourcing vintage clothes? 
“I have a few different gems that I’ve found, that I love for different reasons. For me one of the biggest thrills is finding things that I know are desirable and collectable, that are often given away to charity by someone who doesn’t realise how special they are.
For example I found a 90s Simpsons varsity jacket, black wool with red leather sleeves and characters from the Simpsons stitched all over it. I found that locally for $12, and recently discovered that it is actually super rare, and one of the only pictures I have found of the jacket online is an image of Woody Harrelson wearing it back in the day.
I also found an amazing 1992 Ralph Lauren 'Stadium’ shirt when I was on a buying trip to the US. I stopped over in Honolulu and found the shirt within five seconds of entering the first thrift store I came to -  and couldn’t believe my luck.
Another time when I was thrift shopping in Dalston markets in London, I found original Cypress Hill and Snoop Dog caps in a one pound bin"
And what would be top of your list to find when thrift shopping?
"Although I bought a few pieces from the re release of the 'Snow Beach’ collection from Ralph Lauren, anything from the original 1992 line 
would be my number one!" 
What other passions do you have other than buying and selling vintage clothing?
“I am also an international Drum and Bass DJ (Chiccoreli) radio host and club promoter of my own night called The Liquid Lowdown.
My love of DnB ties in with my love of 90s clothes - as being a raver from this era, fashion was a big part of the scene.
Where do you see Fresh Vintage going in the future? Do you have any plans for the brand?
“The brand has been steadily growing since I first started it four years ago, and I would love to see it continue to be up there as one of the premier vintage clothing stores in New Zealand. That means keeping one step ahead of the trends and continuing to bring people the coolest, quality gear from around the world"