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Featured Collection 'Moschino'

For this edition of the 'Fresh Find' we are looking at one of our favourite brands that was hugely popular in the 90's, especially amongst the Rave community, Moschino. Created in 1983 and was known for it's bold statements in fashion and statements in it's social awareness.



The rave scene, in particular the Drum & Bass and Garage genre's was creating an identity at the time and the fashion's at the gig's were hugely important. High fashion was a big part and is now known in fashion folk law. The full denim jacket and jean suits made you stand out from the crowd and was often mixed with a sports brand cap and crispy white trainers. Also the belts, bags and jewellery sporting the now famous logo was seen on both men and women.



Here's some examples from Chicco's collection here at FV